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Mimohello GmbH

Aktuelle Jobs bei Mimohello GmbH

  • iOS Developer (m/f)

    Wien Mimohello GmbH 03.11.2018

    To perfect our app as we grow, we’re looking for an iOS Developer. Our app is what makes us exist as a business. As iOS Developer, you’ll participate...

  • UI/UX Designer (m/f)

    Wien Mimohello GmbH 03.11.2018

    As UI/UX Designer, you’ll play a major role in the user experience and visual design of all our products. Your mission will be to improve the learning...

  • Customer Support & Social Media Manager (m/f)

    Wien Mimohello GmbH 03.11.2018

    As Customer Support & Social Media Manager, you’ll interact with our customers to help them achieve their learning goals and, on the other hand...

  • Course Engineer (m/f)

    Wien Mimohello GmbH 03.11.2018

    To build and expand our game-like courses on app-building, website-making, hacking, and more, we’re looking for a full-time Course Engineer to join the ...

  • Software Tester (m/f)

    Wien Mimohello GmbH 03.11.2018

    Testing and setting up the testing structure for our Android, iOS, and Web apps; Working together with our designers and developers to make sure that our...


Unternehmen Mimohello GmbH Standort Marxergasse 24/2, 1030 Wien Web www.getmimo.com