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Sazun GmbH - m&a PLUS® J13874

Sazun is an independent consulting company specializing in mergers and acquisition. Our clients are mainly spread across Europe and we even reach out to the US and Asia.
What distinguishes us within the crowd of m&a advisors is our unique combination of a sound strategy development with dedicated m&a process skills and powerful integration tools under the brand m&a PLUS®. The vision of Sazun is to unite the rational m&a-world of objective facts & figures with the creative world of subjective feelings, hopes, desires and individual emotions.

We have an entrepreneurial mindset, are always curious in identifying new tools that support our vision and are full of passion for what we do. And this is exactly the spirit that we would like to share with you!

M&A Manager (m/f)

What is it all about, once you join the team:

  • process execution: shaping M&A processes to forge strong partnerships for our clients, depending on the mandate either on the buy or sell side. Together with one of our partners, with a high level of self engagement and direct client contact. Well, if you are experienced, you will know what it is all about…
  • origination, sourcing new opportunities, you analyse sub-segments and follow the developments within certain industries. Thats the technical part. However this is also linked to relationship management with prospective clients and demands a high level of social skills.

Once you’re fully on board, we’re of course prepared to invest in your future. We have a clear educational architecture, which combines both in house and external learning to further develop your M&A, communication and negotiation skills. A tailor made development plan will be worked out by our management – especially for you! Sazun gives you the room you need to turn your own vision into reality. We will share our experience to help you to achieve it.

And guess what – yes, you have to be curious, talented, IT-minded, at least bilingual (German native, English excellent), highly educated (master degree), analytical, experienced (in M&A, which is your passion anyway)…and with a sense of humour, which is always very helpful!

And what about the money?
Approx. € 40.000,-- all in, gross annual, plus a bonus which will allow you to earn on the projects you are staffed – transparent and performance based. The final salary will depend on your experience, qualification and our expectations in you. Want to become a Sazuniani – go ahead and take action!

Your contact at WU ZBP Career Center
Johanna Hiebl

01/313 36-4966


WU ZBP Career Center
Welthandelsplatz 1, Gebäude LC, 1020 Wien
Johanna Hiebl
Kennzahl: J13874
Datum: 12.05.2018
Dienstort: Österreich