"I get up, I discover myself"

7. Februar 2002, 10:48

Theaterstück der Frauen- Theatergruppe in San Felipe

(Die Frauen sind schwarz gekleidet und liegen unbeweglich und zusammengekauert am Boden)

This noise, alsways the same noise..., over and over again, get up in the morning, breakfast, clean, wash, cook, wash the dishes, the dishes, the dishes...It’s part of my life, I can’t stand it anymore, my body is crled up, it’s tight, it’s too small for me, my back hurts so very much.

I want to get out, I want to discover the world, new things,...I can hear another music out there, I realize that there is more to live, I want to get out, I can get out,...move my hands, my head, my legs, I want to breathe, I’m achieving it, I make it,...I’ve been curled up for so long, it’s hard.

(Eine weiß gekleidete Frau kommt herein und erweckt die leblosen schwarzen Frauen zum Leben, diese erheben sich langsam und schließlich tanzen alle gemeinsam.)

I get out, I get up, I look at myself, I touch myself, I discover myself. What pretty, what pretty and strong hands I have, what pretty eyes. I have never looked at my hands or my eyes. I have never looked at my own eyes. I get up, it’s hard to walk, but I’m making it. I’m able to walk, I walk, I breathe, I’m happy, it’s as if someone had taken away the ties, the chains.

I dance, dance and dance, free...I meet with other women, we look at each other, we recognize ourselves, we hug and dance, we dance at the same time, the same dance, we meet with others and we dance. We unite with others and continue dancing, and later with others and others, we all dance together.

We make one person, we open up and we are many more and we dance,...light, happy, very free, happily we dance. (red)

Mit Unterstützung der Sozialabteilung der Diözese San Felipe
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