15. Juni 2007, 10:57


ÖBf has prepared consolidated financial statements since 2002. The main contribution to earnings is still provided by the management of land transferred to or administered by ÖBf AG (parent company) in accordance with the Austrian Forestry Act. In keeping with this focus, the direct activities of the parent company form the focal points of this report. Programs and actions that are not carried out by ÖBf AG but by its subsidiaries or holdings are specifically designated as such.

The guiding principle of ÖBf is sustainability, e.g. equal respect for financial success, social well-being and protection of nature and the environment. This has been reflected in the production of a combined Annual and Sustainability Report since 2002, which takes a three-dimensional look at developments during the business year. The situation report also takes this approach by concentrating on the three dimensions of sustainability.

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