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15. Juni 2007, 11:19
Österreichische Bundesforste (ÖBf) is proud to also take on a pioneering role in corporate reporting. For the second year in succession, we have chosen an unusual way to describe the economic, social and ecological services of our company. This three dimensional review of 2006 is presented in a combined Annual and Sustainability Report, which we have designed and distributed as a newspaper supplement. Our motivation for this step: We are a public company that manages roughly 10% of the Austrian territory as well as a stock corporation that is wholly owned by the Republic of Austria. For this reason, we want to provide the largest possible part of the general public with detailed information on our sustainable interaction with forests, lakes, mountains and national parks.

In the general part of our report – which is designed in a magazine format – we link our responsibility for the natural land Austria to symbols that have a close relationship to ÖBf or are found on ÖBf land and form an integral part of our national identity: from the Wörthersee to the edelweiss flower and the Stubaier glacier to a baroque hunting lodge. Well-known journalists approach the traditional regional and national characteristics in highly different ways, supported by prominent Austrians. This frequently creates an exciting close-up look between the cliché and the original. Special points relating to ÖBf and sustainability are highlighted in message form.

The “hard core” of the report contains the facts, figures and data confirmed by accountants on the 2007 Business Year in the form of a situation report and annual financial statements. For the first time, only the consolidated figures for ÖBf and its holdings are shown. An introduction to the important issues of the year is provided through an interview with the Management Board and analyses on the renaissance of the raw material timber, the integration of our stakeholders in our activities and the progress of the ÖBf bio-diversity program. Detailed information is also presented in a large number of tables, which in part permit comparison with past years.

The "sustainable outlook" on the goals and objectives for 2007 lists numerous activities that will be undertaken by the employees in the ÖBf companies and districts. This shows how sustainability is lived in our company and becomes a guiding principle for our actions. The Sustainability Balanced Scorecard provides information on our long-term success factors and goals. In total, this report complies with the international standards for sustainability reporting as defined in the GRI guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative) for 2002. Additional information on sustainability can be found on the ÖBf homepage and the quarterly stakeholder magazine "wood.stock", which deals with various subjects relating to nature, society and the economy. ÖBf also demonstrate their commitment to the guiding principle of sustainability through their work on committees such as the Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development ( and, the platform respACT austria and BAUM – Austrian Network for Sustainable Management.

We welcome your interest in Österreichische Bundesforste and, above all, in our latest publication!

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