BH Telecom and Siemens Austria Sign Agreement on Expansion of Mobile Telephony Capacities

19. Juli 2006, 00:00

Director general of BH Telecom , Hamdo Katica, and regional sales director of Siemens Austria , Hanu Tapani...

Director general of BH Telecom, Hamdo Katica, and regional sales director of Siemens Austria, Hanu Tapani Hirvonen, signed in Sarajevo on Tuesday an agreement on expansion of BH Telecom mobile telephony capacities by another 300,000 users.

According to the Sarajevo daily Dnevni Avaz, the number of BH Telecoms mobile telephony users will, thus, increase from 900,000 to 1.2 million. The contract is worth EUR 2.82 million (BAM 5.5 million).

Katica and Hirvonen said that the agreement crowns the 10-year long cooperation of the two companies.

Hirvonen noted that Siemens Austria will strive to deliver high-quality equipment for BH Telecoms stations and operation centres on time.

Katica underlined that BH Telecom will offer even more favourable services once it gets the new equipment.
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