Eight Potential Buyers to Compete for Serbian Mobile Operator Mobi 63

23. Juni 2006, 00:00

Representative of Norwegian telecom operator Telenor , Bjorn Johan Flakstad, said on Thursday that eight potential...

Representative of Norwegian telecom operator Telenor, Bjorn Johan Flakstad, said on Thursday that eight potential buyers are now competing for the purchase of Serbian mobile operator Mobi 63, after Russian MTS withdrew.

Flakstad added that the auction sale scheduled for July 31 will be very exciting. He noted that Telenor expects the auction sale to be fair and that the best bidder will win.

Telenor is currently estimating the value of Mobi 63 and will then determine the amount it will offer for the Serbian company and the mobile telephony licence in Serbia.

“Had we doubted that the value of the company is below the minimal price of EUR 800 million, we wouldnt have taken part in the purchase,” Flakstad emphasised.

He pointed out that Telenor is interested in long-term strategic investments in Serbia.

Qualified bidders are supposed to submit their binding offers, limited to a minimum of EUR 800 million, by July 26.

Company Mobi 63 was founded by the Serbian government (70 per cent of shares) and a group of Austrian investors in April this year.

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