Serbian Construction Materials Factory Europolis Exports to Europe

21. Juni 2006, 00:00

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic noted on Tuesday that Belgrade-based factory Europolis has become...

Serbian Minister of Finance Mladjan Dinkic noted on Tuesday that Belgrade-based factory Europolis has become the leading producer of armature networks and other construction materials in the Serbian market and has very successfully started its export programme after only one year of production.

During his visit to Europolis, Dinkic announced that the factory will export 1,000 tonnes of construction material to the Hungarian market, which will bring an annual profit of EUR 5 million.

He recalled that EUR 8 million was invested in the construction of this factory, making it the single largest investment made during the previous year. The production in Europolis is supported by funds provided by the Serbian Development Fund.

Dinkic emphasised that Serbia has to recover its celebrated tradition in the field of building industry. For that purpose, the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA) will start a project to award incentives to domestic exporters and will set aside a sum of EUR 1.15 million (CSD 100 million).

Director of SIEPA Jasna Matic said that Europolis set a positive example for all domestic firms running a company. She stressed that the SIEPA will support exporters in finding markets for their products, improving standards and the quality of export items.

President of Europolis, Vladan Zecevic, noted that the current capacity of the factory stands at 150 tonnes of processed material daily and that the company managers plan to double production by end of year.

He added that Europolis will soon sign a contract with equipment suppliers Schlatter from Switzerland and EVG from Austria.
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