Die feministische Zeitschrift "Kruh i ruže"

2. Juni 2006, 12:06
Djurdia Knezevic liest aus ihrem Buch "Gutanje vjetra" (Übersetzung kroatisch-dt Vlatka Frketic) und präsentiert die feministische Zeitschrift "Kruh i ruže" (Präsentation und Diskussion in englisch)

Djurdja Knezevic

Graduated History and Archaeology at the University of Zagreb. She established a member of the first and most active feminist organizations, is the founder and chief editor of "Kruh i ruže" and published a series of feminist books at Ženska infoteka.

Gutanje vjetra (Swallowing the Wind)

Gutanje vjetra tells the story about a woman who lost her well established "normal" even routinely social environment. As a result she metaphorically and factually travels through a symbolic circle of lands, cities, places as well as through her inner reflections of what has happened. Simultaneously, she falls in love with a woman and experiences a new kind of love. Unable to cope with both situations she retreats to the beginning of her social and emotional journey. Getting there, as it is often happens in real life, is neither a happy nor a tragic end. But there is one!

Kruh i ruže (Brot und Rosen)

Since 1994 Zenska infoteka publishes the magazine "Kruh i ruže" in order to bring knowledge, experiences and new theoretical perspectives to the widest possible audience in Croatia, but also in former Yugoslav republics. With our magazine, we try to contribute to critical discussion on broad spectrum of issues related to status of women and gender in Croatia. Up to the present, Kruh i ruže discussed many different issues such as literature and language, feminism and democracy, ITC and new technologies, women and art, politics, lesbian studies, psychoanalysis and history. The magazine is also an independent forum for discussion, exchange and distribution of relevant information concerning women throughout Eastern European countries. Each published article has extensive summary in English. (red)

Lesung und Präsentation:
Montag, 5. Juni, 20.00 Uhr
Galerie aRtmosphere
Holochergasse 32/Top I
Eingang Plunkergasse
A- 1150 Wien


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