Special Offers

    20. März 2019, 10:08

    Find out about our special offers like mutations, mobile branding, promotions and more.

    Handbook of Ad Formats

    derStandard.at offers numerous ad formats that allow you to reach your precise target group and optimize the use of your advertising budget.



    Make your mark: Your idea & corporate design on derStandard.at.

    Explore mutations live
    Details and rates

    Targeting on derStandard.at

    Accurate advertising without scattering loss: Targeted advertising aims at the right audience and therefore cost efficiently increases the relevance of your ad.

    Details and rates

    Promotions – Go Native

    Promotions offer the possibilty to extensively present your USP or other complex corporate content in an attractive manner to a large audience.

    Details and rates

    In-Read Video

    Extend your TV campaign successfully online.

    Details and rates

    For individual offers or if you have further questions, please contact us at any time: nadja.bortolami@derstandard.at

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