Gorbachs Complaint

Einserkastl3. August 2016, 17:02
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The world in Vorarlberg is too small

From: Hubert Gorbach

To: The Constitutional Court

I am a former Minister of Traffic and Vice Chancellor in the Government of Wolfgang Schüssel, a former member of the Vorarlbergian Country Government and a former member of the Vorarlbergian Country Day.

This letter is in English, because the world in Vorarlberg is too small. Since I left politics I have made a good reputation as a consulter, especially in Russia and White Russia.

I have used my influence and expertise as a former politician first of the FPÖ, then of the BZÖ.

In White Russia I have served as an international election watcher and can only say: So clean as in Austria are the elections in White Russia anytime!

I also have served as a President of the "Schneiakademie", which trains people to make snow in an unnatural way.

Anyway, I want my politicians pension of Euro 11.000, 14 times a year. NOW. I am already 60 years old and want to retire as every good Austrian. But some noodlepressers in the Vorarlbergian Government think I should wait till I am 65 years. As a member of the "party of the hardworking and decent people", as our tragically deceased leader Jörg Haider had said, I have always served our country in a superclean way. But ingratitude is the wage of the world! Maybe I even will get a trial because of corruption!

So I only want my well earned pension as every other "little man on the street". (Hans Rauscher, 3.8.2016)

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