Instagram: Witzige Illusionen mit Schere und Papier

7. Juli 2016, 15:04
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Der Londoner Fotograf Rich McCor reist gerne. Er nutzt Papier und Schere, um internationale Wahrzeichen in humorvolle Collagen zu verwandeln

Julius Cäsar bekommt einen Selfiestick in die Hand gedrückt, das Guggenheim-Museum wird zum Blumentopf und der Arc de Triomphe ist ein gigantisches Lego-Männchen: Rich McCor, Fotograf aus London, nutzt für seine Arbeiten Schere und Papier, um internationale Sehenswürdigkeiten – aber nicht nur – in humorvolle Collagen zu verwandeln.

Seine Kunstwerke veröffentlicht der 29-Jährige als "paperboyo" auf Instagram, wo er bereits über 160.000 Follower hat. Tendenz steigend. Vielleicht liegt das auch daran, dass er zu jedem seiner Fotos eine kleine Geschichte mitliefert. Hier eine Auswahl seiner Werke. (max, 7.7.2016)

When Frank Lloyd Wright was commissioned by Solomon Guggenheim to design a museum for his art collection, he went a bit over the top with some of his ideas. His original concepts included a super fast glass-tube elevator that would whisk visitors up to the top of the building in moments & an automatic vacuum system in the lobby to constantly clean the dirt brought in by visitors. According to Wright’s widow, he had become increasingly frustrated by the compromises he had been forced to make and although he passed away before the New York Guggenheim opened, she suspected he wouldn’t have attended the opening anyway. However, if you ever visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (designed by Frank Gehry & opened in 1997) you’ll notice that there is a very modern looking glass-tube elevator in there. I like to think this was Gehry’s way of making at least one of Wright’s crazy ideas come to life. For details on the museum itself, check out @lonelyplanet 's app (link in bio) #Guggenheim @Guggenheim #Flowerpot #Flowers #NewYork #NYC #Skyline #SeeYourCity #NYCGo @NYCGo @NYC #InstagramNYC @NewYorkCity #NYCInstantly #nycphotographer #nycblogger #Paper #Paperart #Cityscape #Silhouette @newyork_instagram @newyork #thecreatorsclass #illgrammers #createcommune #photography #doyoutravel #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #travelawesome #architectureporn #newyorker #lonelyplanet #USA #ArchitectureLovers #Museum

Ein von Rich McCor (@paperboyo) gepostetes Foto am

Lasst Blumen blühen aus Museen: Das Guggenheim in New York hat tatsächlich etwas von einem Blumentopf.

When Denos Vourderis proposed to his girlfriend in front of the Wonder Wheel, he promised her that if she said yes; he would buy her the Wheel. She said yes (why wouldn’t she? He was basically offering her the world’s largest wedding ring)! That was in 1948 and over the decades Vourderis worked on keeping that promise. He ran bars, hot dog stands and children’s rides, working tirelessly to save enough cash. Then one day in 1983, the Wheel’s owner decided to retire and offered the wheel to Vourderis. He immediately bought it. But the ride didn’t come with any sort of instruction manual- all that was passed on was a piece of paper, torn from a cigarette packet, with a few scribbled notes including the words “good luck”. Having spent years in awe of the wheel and its mechanics, Denos quickly sussed out how to operate it and looked after the Wheel right up until he passed in 1994. The moral of the story is don’t be crazy and offer your girlfriend a great big wheel- you’ll spend your life regretting making such a ridiculous promise. Nah, I’m joking; this may be one of my favourite stories I’ve come across in NYC and what’s even sweeter is that Vourderis’ two sons have continued to look after this landmark since their father’s death #ConeyIsland #Brooklyn #Coney #WonderWheel #Themepark #NewYork #NYC #Skyline #SeeYourCity #NYCGo @NYCGo @NYC #InstagramNYC @NewYorkCity #NYCInstantly #nycphotographer #nycblogger #Paper #Paperart #Silhouette @newyork_instagram @newyork #thecreatorsclass #illgrammers #createcommune #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #architectureporn #newyorker #USA #ArchitectureLovers #PaperArt #Bike #Motorbike

Ein von Rich McCor (@paperboyo) gepostetes Foto am

Das Riesenrad auf Coney Island in New York ist ein ideales Hinterrad für eine Motocross-Maschine.
Cäsar soll ja nicht ganz uneitel gewesen sein. Er hätte sicher einen Selfiestick benutzt, dachte sich McCor, und zauberte ihm kurzerhand einen ins Bild.
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