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    ReGreen & Polish Your Cooking

    5. April 2016, 14:00

    Two great Start-ups, one Austrian and one Polish are sharing their business tips with us! Tune in & Get Inspired! How do you think your company is changing the world?

    ReGreen ( is offering carbon offsetting to businesses and to private consumers, so that they can be carbon neutral. Carbon offsetting is a very important step towards sustainability and an important part of our fight against climate change.

    Polish Your Cooking is showing our Polish cuisine to the world making sure that our grandmas' recipes will not be forgotten. We teach people how to eat properly, be fit and be responsible with the food ingredients. What's more, we point out that everyone can cook, and there is no better way to get to know each other and integrate than cooking together. Remember, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

    How did you get started? Did you get any help from mentors, supporters or business angels?
    R: Luckily we have more than just one mentor. Mentors are really helpful, especially if they let us have access to their networks and resources and let us learn from them. A business angel invested in us and this really helped us get the idea off the ground.

    PYC: We discovered that tourists coming to Warsaw do not have any proper cultural/culinary attractions and decided to design one. We always loved cooking and meeting people from other cultures. Therefore showing them the best bites of our tradition is extremely satisfying. It is not a job but primarily a passion of ours. We got a hand from our friends, family and a lot mentors from Warsaw Startup Community who were a source of inspiration and motivation. We received a small subsidy from the EU, for setting up our business.

    Is luck a factor in the success of any business?
    R: Somehow it is. Even though you decide everything on your own if you an entrepreneur, you never had much choice as regards your nationality, education or family background.. Counting on your luck is not so necessary once you have been successful.

    PYC: Naturally, it is. We were exceedingly lucky because from the first moment we became top Warsaw attraction on TripAdvisor and it was a huge source of clients even though we did not make any PR or Marketing efforts at the beginning. Of course, we keep very high standards of our services, quality is the most crucial factor and we are working our asses off to make it the best activity in Warsaw. But, without luck, we would not be in a place we are now.

    Talent or hard work? Which one weighs more and why?
    R: It’s – as always – a combination of both. We think that you have to have the right mindset in order to be successful. Everything else can be achieved through hard work and thousands of hours of learning and messing up.

    PYC: Both are essential. A good business cannot be great without either. Of course, with just talent only you will not achieve nearly as much as with hard work only. It is said that a good recipe of success it 1 % talent and 99 % of hard work. It is not a myth, we can promise you that.

    If you as an adult could go back in time and meet yourself as a child, what would you teach yourself?
    R: Probably the importance of thinking big. The most astonishing things that humans have made possible sounded so crazy at first that most of us would never have tried. Only by believing in yourself and thinking big can you achieve the extraordinary.

    PYC: Never be afraid to do brand new things, especially the ones out of your comfort zone. Even if try but fail, you are better than if you had not tried at all! Even if you do not succeed immediately, you learn something from your failure.

    What has been the largest obstacle you have had to overcome until now?
    R: Building our website was very costly and involved months of testing, and the process of founding a GmbH was also costly and time consuming.

    PYC: Procrastination... It is safe to say, we are our biggest enemy, but we are working on it constantly while trying to develop along with the business. It is a beautiful process; maturing doing what you love!

    If you could change one thing about Europe, what would it be?
    R: We need to be more agile in every way. We need to keep our high standards but everything should run a bit smoother and easier. There should be less regulations and more state funding.

    PYC: There is too much bureaucracy, not enough cooperation with developing countries, especially individual entrepreneurs and NGO's. We would like this to improve.

    What are the next plans for your company?
    R: Inspiring more people to drive carbon neutral and be environmentally friendly and up-scaling and diversifying our company. PYC: Expanding into three more cities in Poland.

    What are your dreams? In a more personal sense? :)
    R: Creating real impact in a size that matters to all of us so the world will be a better place.

    PYC: Something genuine – to inspire people; give them a positive kick of creativity and motivation. Everyone can leave a footprint – in the books, monuments or buildings. We want to leave a mark on people's heart and heads. The kind that never fades only spreads from person to person. Positive attitude towards life!

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