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    CareerFAiR2016 Vienna HiGHLiGHTS

    5. April 2016, 14:00

    One day, one city and eighteen countries! When? April 26. Where? FH Campus Wien. How much? Free entry.

    This year we are focusing specifically on Central and Eastern Europe and you will have the chance to network, workshop and promote your brand!

    At CareerFAiR2016, we see it as your right to have access to the best possible educational and personal development opportunities. Europe has so much to offer if you dream of succeeding professionally.

    CareerFAiR2016 is an international, multilingual and interactive recruiting & networking event. Our selected sponsors and partners are the best employers, mentors & institutions and the future career trends of global markets will be at your fingertips.

    As we know about upcoming trends we see it as our mission to spread the word. The transformations in the job market include an increasing need for networking skills, social entrepreneurship, and a youth-oriented mentality. Social media, technological advances and a constant need to rebrand are the new realities.

    Join us at CareerFAiR2016 for a day filled with fun and food for your most ambitious thoughts and dreams! Schoolchildren can learn about apprenticeship possibilities and students and young professionals can discover career solutions. Businesses and institutions will be there advertising, scouting for talent and showcasing their business models.

    CareerFAiR2016 – Bridging the East and the West of Europe through business & professional drive. Let us bring you closer to your goals!

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