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    Austria: Popular to study, unattractive to stay

    6. Februar 2015, 10:49

    In Austria studies a considerable amount of young people with international background. Although these people are in love with the land of the Alps, most of them return to their homeland.

    Too high obstacles and too much bureaucracy scare people away.

    In the winter semester 2013/2014 there were altogether 350.206 students registered for Austrian universities and colleges. About 26 per cent with foreign roots and the tendency is rising. Although people appreciate studying in Austria, about 17 per cent leave again after completing their study. Potential service provider on which Austrian economy is reliant on dwindle away. What are the motives of a foreign student to attend an Austrian university? And why do so many of them leave the republic of the Alps again?

    Anna is 22, from Germany and studies psychology. "I’m the typical numerous clausus refugee" she says self-ironic. Due to the fact that her grade point average wasn’t adequate to study psychology in her home country, she decided to come to Austria and start her studies there. "I don’t want to appeal as someone who misuses Austria for studying. At last Vienna is a breath-taking city." Whether she wants to stay in Austria after completing her studies is doubtful. She could imagine staying in Austria, but sometimes she suffers from homesickness and she would prefer living near to her family.

    Similar argues Kerem. For him it is sure that he will go back to his family. The twenty-five-year-old Turk came to study Business Informatics in Vienna under an Erasmus programme. Immediately he succeeded at making friends what makes his study enjoyable. The reason for choosing Vienna?

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