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"My power is beyond your understanding"

14. Oktober 2013, 10:30

Interview with THEO-MASS LEXILEICTOUS, Artist-in-Residence of quartier21/MQ and contributor to the exhibition FACELESS.

Theo-Mass Lexileictous says fashion, money, and media are the superpowers of our time. To gain these superpowers he became a superhero. Through this concept the disguised artist found his way on fashion magazine covers like Dazed and Confused. Theo-Mass is taking part in the exhibition "Faceless part II."

Margit Mössmer: You're a superhero.

Lexileictous: Yes, this is what I am. I'm not a superhero like Superman or Batman though, out of a Hollywood film. I grew up in Cyprus, a small island without any art or fashion scene. It was incredibly difficult to do the things I wanted to do. In order to make my dreams come true and achieve my goals I had to become a "superhero".

Margit Mössmer: Do you have a mission?

Lexileictous: My work is separated into episodes. I have different missions in each episode; it depends what I want to say and communicate. The first one is titled "My power is beyond your understanding". It is themed around the superpowers of our time: money, fashion, and media. My costumes and masks come from the fashion world. I printed my own currency, the Theo-Mass dollar, and I started establishing relationships and doing collaborations mostly with fashion and art magazines.

Margit Mössmer: Your aim is to go out on the streets?

Lexileictous: It was part of the first 4 episodes. I wanted to test my boundaries as a person. Wearing a mask changes my personality. When I'm not wearing a mask I'm Alexis. When I'm wearing my masks I transform into Theo-Mass. I'm a completely different person. It's like gaining power to ...

Find the whole Interview with Theo-Mass Lexileictous on the MQ Blog.

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