Promotion - entgeltliche Einschaltung

Diane Pernet

6. Juli 2012, 13:27

ASVOF - A Shaded View on Fashion

If you were an accessory, what would you be?

Diane Pernet: A beautiful pin, perhaps an insect in silver with black onyx, maybe with a diamond or a series of them that would attach to a transparent veil.

Dog or cat?

Diane Pernet: I like them both but cats are far more independent so probably I’d say cat.

What is the new black?

Diane Pernet: There is no new black, black is black.

What is something you could never wear?

Diane Pernet: A pink jogging outfit.

Which answer would you like to have a question to?

Diane Pernet: When will I have a driver 24/7.

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