Promotion - entgeltliche Einschaltung

Bogomir Doringer

7. Juni 2012, 10:00

Artist-in-Residence of quartier21/MQ

If you were an accessory, what would you be?

Bogomir Doringer: A scarf. Long one that can go all the way around your neck and cover a part of a face. It levitates on the wind. The one that when you lose it at the club, it never gets found. In case of Isadora Duncan, a deadly model. "Je vais à l'amour" (I am off to love)

Dog or cat?

Bogomir Doringer: Dog.

What is the new black?

Bogomir Doringer: They say purple but i think that black functions as video art on a loop: Always black in different textures and layers.

What is something you could never wear?

Bogomir Doringer: Something that my character can‘t handle. But then again, it can be a challenge to see yourself in something that you do not feel comfortable with. It might give you another perception on yourself.

Which answer would you like to have a question to?

Bogomir Doringer: I stopped doing fashion cause it did not give me enough of personal development. At the end of the day i do not talk about who was wearing what, but rather I have some new questions that need to be answered.

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