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9. Juni 2010, 13:41

Earnings (EBIT) in 2010 are expected to remain at the previous year's level, despite a reduction in the amount of timber produced in the interests of sustainability and to maintain a long-term balance following the storm-related additional usage at ÖBf AG. This will be reflected in a reduction of the quantity of timber felled of up to 20%. Due to an improved financial result, profit from ordinary activities is anticipated to exceed that of 2009. This forecast is based on a more stable timber market that has recovered slightly as well as more favorable and optimized cost structures.

The property and services segments are also expected to maintain their continued growth.

Although we continue to expect extremely challenging framework conditions, the situation of existing equity investments should nevertheless show a marked improvement over the difficult fiscal 2009. The main focus of expansion in terms of our investment activities will be upon renewable energy, in particular upon the construction and operation of small hydroelectric power plants.

Purkersdorf, April 12, 2010

The Management Board:
Georg Erlacher
Georg Schöppl



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