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Development of ÖBf AG

9. Juni 2010, 13:37

With a total output of € 220.4 million (2008: € 271.5 million) Österreichische Bundesforste AG generated a profit from ordinary activities of € 4.0 million (2008: € 16.2 million) in fiscal 2009. Sales quantities of OBf AG's own timber totaled roughly 1.85 million cubic meters and were consequently 13.6% lower than in the previous year. If account is taken of the wood sold as trees and the wood handed over free of charge to holders of historically chartered wood and grazing rights, the total quantity felled amounted to roughly 2.15 million cubic meters (2008: 2.51 million cubic meters).

The high inventory levels at the beginning of the year caused by the large quantity of damaged timber were reduced by 287,000 cubic meters to the long-term average of approximately 100,000 cubic meters. At the beginning of the year, most of the volume was stored in wet storage sites, which allow wood to be stored for a longer period without adversely affecting the quality.

The property segment, which combines the rental and leasing, tourism, water, ground resources and renewable energy business units, recorded a gratifying performance in the reporting year. Both total output and the profit contribution were up on the figures for the previous year, continuing the long-term trend of continuous increases in sales and profits, notwithstanding the unfavorable economic conditions.

The services segment, which comprises the ecosystem management, domestic services and consulting units, also performed very well with total output rising to € 11.8 million (2008: € 9.5 million).

Ecosystem management, whose activities include management of the Donau Auen and Kalkalpen national parks and the Wienerwald biosphere park in addition to a large number of smaller projects made a significant contribution to the preservation of Austria's natural landscapes and ecological diversity.

Total Output by Segment (PDF)

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