Die Listen zum Ausdrucken

12. Oktober 2009, 14:59

Rascher Überblick über die Monats-Playlists der Redakteure von DER STANDARD und derStandard.at/Kultur

Karl Fluch

  • This Immortal Coil: "The Dark Age Of Love" (Hoanzl)
  • Mount Eerie: "Wind's Poem" (Tomlab/Trost)
  • Timber Timbre: "Same" (Arts & Kraft/Trost)
  • The Black Heart Procession: "Six" (Temporary/Trost)
  • Midnight Choir: "Amsterdam Stranded" (Glitterhouse/Hoanzl)
  • Swell: "Whenever You're Ready" (Beggars Banquet)
  • Lay Low: "Farewell Good Night's Sleep" (Cargo/Hoanzl)
  • Kings Of Convenience: "Declaration of Independence" (EMI)
  • Grand Archives: "Keep In Mind Frankenstein" (Sub Pop/Trost)
  • Early Day Miners: "The Treatment" (Secretly Canadian/Trost)


  • The Slits: "Trapped Animal" (Sweet Nothing/Narnack Records)
  • Jonquil: "Whistle Low EP" (Acuarela/just50.at)
  • Omo: "The White Album" (Loaf/Hoanzl)
  • Cornershop: "Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast" (Ample Play/Trost)
  • Frenk Lebel: "poems.contradictions" (Halleluyeah/Hoanzl)
  • Phantogram: "Eyelid Movies" (BBE/Hoanzl)
  • Air: "Love 2" (EMI)
  • The Clean: Mister Pop (Morr/Indigo)
  • Mika: "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" (Universal)
  • Yoko Plastic Ono Band Ono: "Between My Head and the Sky" (99999/Indigo)

Christian Schachinger

  • Heavy Trash: "Midnight Soul Serenade" (Crunchy Frog)
  • Tinariwen: "Imidiwan: Companions" (Independiente Ltd.)
  • Bob Dylan: "Christmas In The Heart" (Sony)
  • The Heavy: "The House That Dirt Built" (Counterrecords/Hoanzl)
  • Komplizen der Spielregeln: "Es wird nur noch geatmet" (Sitzer Records/Broken Silence)
  • Monotonix: "Where were you when it happened?" (Drag City)
  • The Black Heart Procession: "Six" (Temporary Residence/Trost)
  • The Raveonettes: "In and out of Control" (Fierce Panda/Trost)
  • Jay-Z: "The Blueprint 3" (Atlantic)
  • The Hidden Cameras: "Origin: Orphan" (Arts & Crafts/Trost)
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