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    Group F: Austria

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    Nine straight qualifying wins, including home and away victories over Russia, suggests that Austria's status as one of Europe's underachievers is reaching its end

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    Group F: Portugal

    Does Portugal have the overall squad to really challenge for the title?

  • Group F: Iceland

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    It is a realistic aim for Iceland to reach the last 16

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    Group F: Hungary

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    Hungary have nothing to lose at Euro 2016 after an unexpected qualification

  • Group E: Belgium

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    Everyone expects a better result than in Brazil, where Belgium reached the quarter-finals. One of the favourites to get the title

  • Group E: Ireland

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    Ireland left Euro 2012 four years ago without having collected a single point – Now the Irish want to celebrate wins

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    Group E: Italy

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    Starved of individual star quality, the Azzurri will have to rely on their collective strength if they are to succeed in France this summer

  • Group D: Croatia

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    Croatia have tasted success in France once already

  • Group D: Czech Republic

    The team are very well organised and can press high up the pitch or defend in a block. With Spain, Croatia and Turkey in the group, the Czech Republic are much more likely to use the second approach

  • Group D: Spain

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    For the first time in the last six years, Spain are not heavily favoured to win the tournament

  • Group D: Turkey

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    A late run in qualifying got them into the tournament, but how will Turkey fare when it kicks off?

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    Group C: Germany

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    If Germany want to move alongside Spain in the pantheon of recent greats, a European Championship win is necessary

  • Group C: Northern Ireland

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    Manager Michael O'Neill wants to take his team to the last sixteen: "We are going to have to be 'horrible' to play against."

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    Group C: Poland

    Poland went out at the group stage in 2008 and 2012. This year they will be expected to reach the Round of 16 at minimum

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    Group C: Ukraine

    Ukraine lacks guile and does not seem to possess the depth for a long run – Can they prove critics wrong?

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    Group B: England

    England’s youth can be a major advantage in intense tournament action at Euro 2016

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    Group B: Russia

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    Hosting the 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 World Cup, Russia may only be able to fly the dark horse flag one last time before things start getting serious

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    Group B: Slovakia

    Slovakia could be one of the more intriguing long shots for a run to the later stages of Euro 2016

  • Group B: Wales

    Wales will compete in their first major international tournament since 1958 this summer

  • Group A: Albania

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    Albania gave Portugal plenty of food for thought in qualifying and could cause a shock in France

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    Group A: France

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    Anything but a third Euro final would be a disappointment for the hosts. The draw has been kind

  • Group A: Romania

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    Playing Romania, you hit a brick wall: They conceded only two goals in their 10 Euro-qualification-matches

  • Group A: Switzerland

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    Vladimir Petkovic wants his team to be qualified for the knock out stage already after the first two games of the group stage against Albania and Romania. Last 16, why not?