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19. September 2016, 14:36

Precise advertising

Three types of targeted advertising

The aim of targeted advertising is to address an exact target audience in order to increase the success of your campaign, respectively to minimize scattering losses. You can choose from three variants:

Technical Targeting contains all options that are technically collectable. For example which news channels are visited by readers, if they are visting from a PC or mobile device, what type of operating system is used or from where someone is visisting (e.g. Vienna, Austria, other countries,…)

Behavioral Targeting records your online surfing habits. The collected data allows us to identify affinities that help to pinpoint the delivery of ad campaigns to readers who are more likely to acknowledge the ad. This way you can reach movie-lovers not only in the movie section, but also while they read any other section of the news.

Predictive Behavioral Targeting combines the technically recorded data with data we collect through online questionnaires on our website. This sociodemographic information (age, gender, interests etc.) is projected onto the entire readership. This way automobile ads can be displayed to all readers who are interested in automobiles, no matter what page on our website they visit.

What is "Predictive Behavioral Targeting" exactly?

This technology helps delivering your ads to very specific target audiences on our website:

By placing cookies, we record the surfing behavior of all readers and identify their affinities for specific topics.

We collect sociodemographic data through pop-up questionnaires on our website (sample size: about 3.000 completed forms).

The response data of the sample is then projected to the general surfing behavior of all other users who are considered "very likely to match the assigned target group".

This way your ads are shown mainly (usually > 80 %) to people who are more likely to respond positively to your sales message (your target group) – scattering loss is kept to a minimum.

Calculation example

Assuming you would like to reach mothers whose children are currently between 0 and 14 years old. How can Predicitive Behavioral Tartgeting help to reach that exact target group while saving advertising budget?

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    Predictive Behavioral Targeting

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