Promotions – Go Native: Long-form Content Advertising

19. September 2016, 14:35

Promotions offer the possibilty to extensively present your USP or other complex corporate content in an attractive manner to a large audience.

This way the reader benefits from the additional information that exceeds classic product advertising.

Your benefits

  • Our Look & Feel – adds an editorial touch to your promotion
  • Unobtrusive Ad-Labelling – the main focus lies on the content
  • Room for explanation – present complex products or introduce new ideas that seek clarification


The Promotion-Teaser leads the reader to either a single article or a promotion site with a number of articles, social media links, videos and the like. The teaser can be placed on our homepage, on channel overview pages or dynamically in articles. For good click results the copy text and picture should blend in with the editorial content.

Promotion Site

Whenever you book a promotion with more than one article, the teaser always leads to an overview page (your promotion site). There, the reader can click on the available articles and other implemented elements.

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Special Promotion Formats

  • User participation: User Generated Content

Interact with our active community: In accordance with our User Generated Content department we offer attractive, individual projects.

  • Feature: A special format for special content

This attractive long-read invites the user to delve into enthralling promotion articles and learn more about your brand/product/projects etc.

  • Raffle – Present your product

Your raffle is promoted with high reach efficiency. You will be provided with the participants’ data.

For further information, please take a look at our sales presentation on the left.

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