Technical Specifications Online

6. September 2016, 09:57

Here, you will find the necessary facts and technical requirements to create your online advertisement.

  1. Lead times
  2. File formats
  3. Sizes
  4. Animation
  5. Linking and clickthrough
  6. Close button
  7. Sound
  8. Ad creation
  9. TV spots & video
  10. Contact and terms of use

Lead times for creative delivery

To ensure your campaign launches on time, we ask you to deliver your ads 5 business days prior to campaign start.

Please note that special advertising forms and special campaigns need a longer preparation time.

File Formats

We support all established formats:

  • HTML5 and SVG
  • Classic images, for example .jpg, .gif
  • Images for Promotion-Teasers and Sitelinks have to be delivered as static images.

We gladly incorporate your tag-in-tag bookings in JavaScript and iframe variations.
We ask for a protocol-relative delivery of your tracking pixel/ tag-in-tag ad URL (for further information see or contact us).

If the advertising material is to communicate with other content on the page please contact

File Sizes

You can find the pixel width and height of your desired ad format in the Advertising Formats section.

Maximum file weights for advertising material:

  • In general 40 KB (Kilobyte)
  • Sitebar 100 KB
  • Mobile ads 20 KB
  • Teaser-images (Promotions/Sitelinks) 10 KB


An animation in the advertising material may loop up to three times, then stop.

Linking and Clickthrough

We automatically link classic images and click-count them. Non classical file formats must include a click tag on delivery.

HTML5: Please, take a bearing on the IAB-Austria Specifitaions. When the creative is running in the iPad app, please use the following script (instead of the Java command:

var f = document.createElement('form');
f.setAttribute('action', clickTag);
f.setAttribute('method', 'post');
f.setAttribute('style', 'display:none;');

Close button

The Sitebar can be equipped with a close button, calling the JavaScript function iab_hide()or IABclose().


Sound ads must provide one of these options (no autoplay):

  • MouseOver: Sound is only active when a user moves the cursor over the ad and must stop as soon as the cursor moves away
  • Play Button: Sound is only active when user intentionally clicks on the ad's sound button

Ad creation

Upon request we can commission an agency to produce your ad – especially HTML5.
Please deliver your own HTML5 ad as embedding link, i.e. a URL of your index.html-file (main file).


Please provide your TV spot or video in these formats and with a maximum length of 15 seconds

  • Video: mpeg4, bit rate approx. 1200 kbit/s, resolution at least 480 pixels wide (height depending on the aspect ratio)
  • Audio: mp3, bitrate about 192 kbit/s
  • Aspect ratio: The video player has a 16:9 ratio. If your video has a different ratio, the free space is filled with black bars (letterbox).

Contact and terms of use

Martin Altersberger
Tel.: +43 1 531 70 extension 773

The terms and conditions of der STANDARD Verlsagsges.m.b.H. to be viewed on apply. Subject to alterations. Typing errors reserved.

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